Open Checkbook

In compliance with Arkansas Code 6-61-135, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has created a website to present a database of unaudited expenditure data. This database is intended to provide transparency to the people of Arkansas and our constituents of our stewardship of public resources.


The data is derived from general ledger accounting records and is raw, unaudited, and unconsolidated data. Therefore, it will not agree with amounts displayed in budget documents, financial statements, or supporting schedules, and is not intended to supplement or replace the annual audited financial report.

Information that is not permissible for posting under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act of 1967 and federal laws or regulations is not included.

Certain expenditures are aggregated and others are shown in detail depending on their nature. Payments to students for scholarships and other financial aid are aggregated to comply with privacy regulations.

The website is organized by fiscal year and provides payee/vendor by expenditure category.

The database is updated quarterly and presented by fiscal year to display payments made from July 1 to June 30.

To access the data click on the links below:

FY2014 – Compensation                                        FY2013 – Compensation
FY2014 – Benefits                                                    FY2013 – Benefits
FY2014 – Maintenance and Operations               FY2013 - M & O
FY2014 – Travel                                                        FY2013 – Travel
FY2014 – Capital                                                      FY2013 – Capital
FY2014 – Bonds and Notes                                    FY2013 – Bonds and Notes
FY2014 – University Scholarships                         FY2013 – University Scholarships