What To Do in an Emergency

Important Numbers

University Police

Call 686-7777. Be aware of your surroundings. If you observe something or someone out of place, trust your instincts. Don’t hestitate to call for an escort to your car if you feel you may be in danger.

Fire Emergency

Call 686-5333. Do not ignore fire alarms. If you discover smoke or fire, notify others and leave the building immediately. Do not use elevators during a fire evacuation. Follow the instructions of campus officials and emergency responders.

Hazardous Materials

Call 686-5536. Know and obey the safety rules for laboratories. Report all hazardous-material spills and releases. Avoid contaminated areas and obey the instructions of science faculty, lab technicians and emergency responders.

Medical Emergency

Any UAMS employee finding an unconscious, partially conscious or possibly seriously injured person should initiate emergency response assistance by calling a CODE BLUE. To initiate a CODE BLUE, call 686-7333 and give the operator the building, floor and wing and room number.

Arkansas Poison & Drug Information Center

Call 1-800-222-1222 anytime 24 hours a day to speak with a pharmacist or RN for any poison exposure including medication overdoses accidental or intentional.