The following goals and objectives have been identified as priorities for this position:

Research Administration

  • Promote effective communication of research opportunities and enable current and potential investigators to navigate the process of obtaining and managing funding streams
  • Develop innovative, interdepartmental programs that represent significant advances in the scope and quality of basic science and clinical research. Identify areas amenable to a team-based research model
  • Provide support necessary to provide fiscal analysis of proposed projects, budgetary and other resource implications, identifying and pursuing collaborative sharing of necessary research support resources such as staff, space, instrumentation, specialized equipment and instrumentation
  • Advise the Provost of the state of institutional research funding. Seek and allocate discretionary funds to initiate, support and promote research activities consistent with the developed research strategic plan

Establish a strategic plan for growing the research enterprise that aligns with the foci of the larger UAMS enterprise

  • Collaborate with UAMS leadership, deans, faculty and staff to develop a complementary plan to build on current research strengths, while pursuing new opportunities with the greatest potential for growth and visibility. Ensure that the leaders of UAMS signature centers and institutes have the leadership and support they need to thrive
  • Develop statewide relationships to identify potential funding sources and partnerships with state agencies, industry, and private philanthropy
  • Enhance existing relationships with Arkansas Children’s and the VA
  • Participate in enterprise strategic planning, such that the research mission of UAMS is represented in all potential areas of productivity

Recruit and support outstanding research faculty

  • Work with the Deans and Chairs to ensure the opportunity for faculty participation in research collaborations
  • Recruitormentorfaculty, such that a succession plan is established for senior faculty
  • Create an emphasis on faculty hires that drive cross-disciplinary programs and provide potential for cluster hires


  • Continue to support intellectual property evaluation and increase the potential for viable business creation from UAMS discoveries
  • Build corporate and other industry partnerships across all sectors