UAMS License Plate Available

New UAMS License Plate

You can show your support for UAMS with a new specialty license plate from the state of Arkansas.

Purchasing the UAMS plate includes a tax deductible contribution to scholarships for UAMS students. Forms to request the plate featuring the UAMS logo are now available under the Specialty License Plate section at or at these state revenue offices.

The plates can be personalized with up to four characters for an additional $25.

Issuance of collegiate license plates is restricted to passenger cars, half-ton and three-quarter ton trucks and one-ton trucks used for private transportation. In addition to normal annual registration fees, which vary depending on the vehicle type, the annual fees for specialty plates include a $25 tax deductible scholarship contribution and a $10 administrative fee. The registration fee may vary based on whether you are purchasing the UAMS plate at the time of your annual renewal or purchasing before your annual renewal. If you want to purchase a UAMS plate before your renewal, you may go ahead and purchase one, but you will have to renew on your annual date unless you are within 90 days of renewal.

The UAMS license plate can be purchased at any time, whether or not it’s time to renew a license but the expiration date will remain the same. This means the applicant must pay the special fees again at the regular renewal date.

Application Forms:

Requests for Special Collegiate License Plate

Personalized Special Collegiate License Plate Request Form