Vision, Mission & Core Values

Vision 2029

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

By 2029, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) will lead Arkansas to be the healthiest state in the region through its synergies of education, clinical care, research and purposeful leadership.

With this bold statement, UAMS resolved that in the coming decade its status as Arkansas’ only academic health system will allow it to deliver dramatic and lasting health and health care improvements to its home state. Aiding in this vision will be its statewide network of campuses for public education and clinical outreach, along with cores of expertise in medical specialties, population health, digital health, health informatics and translational research.

UAMS chose to culminate its 10-year Vision 2029 strategic plan on the 150th anniversary of its creation in 1879 as the first medical school in Arkansas. New strategic objectives build on achievements from its previous Vision 2020 plan, which led UAMS to create an integrated, patient- and family-centered clinical enterprise; focus on educating culturally competent health professionals equipped to practice team-care; and continue to develop and expand nationally recognized research programs that advanced scientific and public health knowledge.



The mission of UAMS is to improve the health, health care and well-being of Arkansans and of others in the region, nation and the world by:

  • Educating current and future health professionals and the public;
  • Providing high-quality, innovative, patient- and family-centered health care and also providing specialty expertise not routinely available in community settings; and
  • Advancing knowledge in areas of human health and disease and translating and accelerating discoveries into health improvements.

Core Values

Integrity – We foster, encourage and expect honesty, accountability and transparency in pursuit of the highest ethical and professional standards in all that we do. We take responsibility for our performance, and will engage employees, patients and families, learners and stakeholders in our critical decisions that are timely, complete and accurate.

Respect – We embrace a culture of professionalism with respect for the dignity of all persons.

Diversity and Health Equity – We are committed to the importance of the diversity of UAMS leadership, faculty, staff and learners in order to enhance the education of our learners, reduce health disparities in our state, and honor the unique contributions provided by a diversity of values, beliefs, and cultures.

Teamwork – We seek to create interdisciplinary and inter-professional, synergistic and collegial relationships characterized by honesty, collaboration, inclusiveness and flexibility.

Creativity – We encourage and support innovation, imagination, ingenuity, resourcefulness and vision.

Excellence – We strive to achieve, through continuous improvement, adherence to institutional policies and best practices, and collaboration with colleagues, patients, and families, the highest quality and standards in all our endeavors.

Safety – We commit to protect the health and safety of all who we serve through our mission: our patients, our learners, our colleagues and our neighbors in the community, state, nation and in the world. By sustaining a culture of safety, our daily work and our strategic planning promote better health care outcomes, the creation of health equity for all and a sense of joy in our work.